Why You Need Car Insurance

  • Driving is a Privilege; Not a Right
  • Car Accidents are VERY common
  • Its for YOUR Protection
  • Legally Required in Most States

#2 AllState

allstate reviews

  • Deductible discounts for safe drivers
  • Car replacement program
  • Adequate coverage
  • Policy flexibility
  • Online access to claims status

Service Review

It is been years since Allstate first started asking queries about the quality of protection that one can have out of its competitors in the insurance industry. They have trudged a long way with their innovating ideas and shown us a ray of hope by way of their quality products and policies. Amidst a few terrible competitors, Allstate has excelled in terms of policy and coverage flexibility.

Response & Repair

When it comes to towing and other quick response benefits, Allstate ranks high. It is equally proactive in terms of repairs, resolving claims and estimating damages. The adequacy of its services places it at a comfortable position amongst all its competitors. It is often selected above thousands of such competitors by the prospective applicants. The policies laid down by Allstate seem crystal clear regarding repairs and other associated services.

Benefits & Policy Flexibility

Allstate covers drivers of various classes through its range of policy options; this helps Allstate to stand out amongst others. Allstate provides applicants with a basic tool that guides them in customizing their policies and identifying the specific coverage levels that they actually need. Allstate also has a wide network of agents across most U.S. cities; this enables them to support their customers with quality policy features and adequate coverage that suit individual needs.


It has also coped well with the challenges posed out of its claims and customer service timeliness. It has outperformed numerous insurance providers in terms of cost and benefits under a severe global downturn. Now it has a reason to look forward to fresh prospects of growth and expansion.

Support & Help

Allstate is consistently improving in terms of its timely claims settlement and customer support services. Although it has always been branded as a public trading company which is driven by profit motives, it still yields good returns for its shareholders. With Allstate you’ll always find it a lot easier to file claims over the telephone or through the internet. Allstate is quite proactive when it comes to handling details of policyholders thereby allowing them to return to their normal lives quite easily and safely. You’ll rarely meet with any serious issue causing delays; but once you have a reason Allstate reps will take necessary steps immediately.

You’ll also have the facility to track your claims online, and this saves a lot of your invaluable time. It makes things a lot safer and simpler as you have the advantage of monitoring your claims online. You may even get in touch with a member of the Allstate claims team to expedite the settlement process. These professionals are equipped to provide you with detailed information on the status of your claim, reasons for delays and steps you must follow to make things a bit easier for you.


Allstate is being followed by a loyal and large customer base despite all the criticism. Most of its customers will consider it to be the best insurance provider in their locality. A majority of its competitors don’t provide services worth its quality and promptness. Allstate is still in the process of expansion. It is likely to reach the zenith soon by way of its quick repair and resolution processes. It has been continually upgrading its customer support. Allstate has certainly retained a large volume of business in spite of the presence of its high profile competitors in the form of eSurance, Progressive and GEICO.

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Rating: 9.0/10 (36 votes cast)
#2 AllState, 9.0 out of 10 based on 36 ratings

5 Responses to “#2 AllState”

  1. Jamie Maltony says:

    The car insurance company I used to use was such a headache. They would keep sending me late notices, even though I sent them their paymenton time! Turns out there was a glitch in their system, but that glitch affected my credit rating. I quickly cancelled my policy with them and joined AllState. So far, so good.

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  2. Claire Cleary says:

    I am loving this company! After years with my last car insurance company and getting nothing but aggravation, Allstate is a welcome change of pace and an absolute pleasure to work with.

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  3. Thomas Tucker says:

    When I got into my first accident, I thought for sure my insurance company was going to be uncooperative, unforgiving and judgmental. But lo and behold, I got the complete opposite response from them. The customer service reps at AllState were so incredibly kindthey first asked me if I was okay rather than just getting straight down to businessand guided me through every step of the way.

    They answered all of my questions and responded quickly to messages I had left if I had any concerns. Because it was my first accident and I was not the one at fault, my rate did not go up and they were quick on the spot with their towing service as well as getting my car repaired.

    I think I was only without my car for thirty-six hours which was not as bad as it could have been considering a window and a headlight had to be replaced. It is nice to deal with a car insurance company that cares more about its customers than getting their money.

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  4. Christine Johnson says:

    When someone hit my car and my passenger side door was completely busted, I dreaded having to deal with my car insurance company after hearing so many horror stories from people who had problems with their companies.
    Boy was I wrong. All State were super easy to deal with and made sure I went through the proper channels and filled out all the necessary paperwork so that I would be able to get the repairs I needed quickly and without having to pay for it myself. What a nice surprise to have an insurance company who knows how to get things done without any problems.

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  5. Julie Jones says:

    I never like to give reviews one way or another, but working with this company has been one of the best experiences as odd as that may sound about a car insurance company. They are just very easy to do business with which I appreciate immensely.

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