Why You Need Car Insurance

  • Driving is a Privilege; Not a Right
  • Car Accidents are VERY common
  • Its for YOUR Protection
  • Legally Required in Most States

#7 Farmers

Farmers Reviews

  • Discounts for good drivers
  • Customized policies
  • Online claims tracking
  • Multiple coverage options
  • Effective customer service

Service Review

The urban drivers are often riskier than their rural counterparts. Farmers Insurance commenced their business operations with the basic idea that the rural drivers actually needed lower insurance premiums than their urban counterparts. Farmers had initially taken up the task to service the requirements of the rural drivers; now with each passing year, they’re actually including drivers belonging to different geographical positions and ethnicities within the U.S. They have also taken a step ahead to include various coverage options in the form of fire, life, home and others.

Response & Repair

When it comes to responding in a timely manner or pursuing the claims process Farmers is at par with its competitors. Farmers Insurance performs a great job as they move from A to B and bring the policyholders and claimants closer to the body shops and save much of their invaluable time. Likewise, it might demand a lot of time to move from B to Z, since this very much depends on whether a third party is involved or not.

The structure of Farmers Insurance is based on the pool of agents it has. Traditional insurance agents play a key role in paving a great experience for the policyholders; so this can ultimately be a curse or a blessing. Efficient agents can make it simpler for the policyholders to handle the odds, handle repairs and settle claims. In their absence, a bad agent will certainly make it more challenging for the policyholder.

Benefits and Policy Flexibility

Coming face to face with an agent that operates within your locality provides you with the advantage of a specific policy tailored to meet your individual needs and yet remain within your chose budget. Agents working with Farmers Insurance are in close touch with their customers, and provide them with vital information concerning other insurance products, policy estimations, claims filing, and their specific queries.


Farmers Insurance has always been associated with auto insurance policy offers that provide quality discounts. Multiple coverage discounts are being offered to customers that opt for other insurance products like life and home alongside auto insurance. Students and drivers that hold higher ranks are also eligible for special discounts. Drivers that cover lower distances are offered additional discounts. Discounts are even offered for payments that are debited automatically and towards fully paid premium contracts.

Support & Help

The agent of a policyholder determines the timeliness of claims and smoothness of customer support that he experiences. They may not have any control over the claims processes that go around mediation and arbitration involving various car insurance agencies, but claims without a third party could be analyzed in advance.

It is also possible to track and file claims over the internet and through the phone. A local agent definitely helps to escalate the claims process very effectively and provides vital information about the settlement status.


Farmers Insurance had commenced its operations in the form of an auto insurance agency that caters to the needs of safe and smart drivers. Much of this holds good even today. Various kinds of insurance protection that you could imagine during the past century are now available in the market. Farmers Insurance has also included certain insurance products e.g. coverage for fire, theft, life and home. It still manages to support its claimants and policyholders with fairly effective and comprehensive coverage options.

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#7 Farmers, 6.3 out of 10 based on 24 ratings

One Response to “#7 Farmers”

  1. Jacob R says:

    I cannot say enough good things about Farmers car insurance. I have used them for more than ten years and I have never had a problem. And because my driving record is impeccable, they even give me a discount on my policy. Their customer service reps are all friendly and helpful and they are quick to respond to any questions or problems that I have.

    When a had a fender bender last year, there was no problem getting my claim processed in a timely manner and I was even able to track my claim online to see what the status was each day. This was helpful since I did not have to keep bugging them to ask how things were progressing.

    I have a few friends who use them as well and who feel the same way about this company. In a world where insurance companies have a bad reputation, this one stands out and should set an example to other car insurance companies on how things should be done.

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