Why You Need Car Insurance

  • Driving is a Privilege; Not a Right
  • Car Accidents are VERY common
  • Its for YOUR Protection
  • Legally Required in Most States

#3 Geico

geico reviews

  • Branches in 50 states
  • Multiple policies
  • Fast claims settlement
  • Flexible payment options
  • Multiple Discounts

Service Review

GEICO is known for its non-agent model for customer service, claims filing and policy inquiries. All these options are available via phone and Internet.  All these savings-oriented operational practices actually help the new policyholders to get a large amount of discounts. This has helped GEICO to earn the loyalty of its customers.  Moreover, GEICO is also known for its efficient claims process and continued dedication to getting its policyholders off the road as well as back on it as soon as possible.

Response & Repair

GEICO provides the policyholders with streamlined claims reporting and tracking. Their customer care department is extremely helpful facilitating quick repairs thereby helping the policyholders to get back their cars quickly. Apart from this, they offer different types of discounts, policy flexibility and multiple policies for home, life, boat, etc.

Benefits and Policy Flexibility

GEICO is known for its incredibly flexible insurance policies. The company offers policies that suit the needs and budgets of the concerned policyholders. Also, they extend their streamlined business-model savings to the new clients as well as the policyholders. GEICO offers freedom to the policyholders to insure multiple vehicles or drivers reduce coverage to Liability-Only policies, increase or decrease deductibles, manage the payment cycle, etc.  All these can be done online thereby saving the precious time of the policyholders.


GEICO offers different types of policies in the field of auto insurance and life insurance. When you contact the company, they will inform you about the prices involved. Some of the policies offered by them include:

  • Auto insurance coverage – This policy include various primary coverage. Some of them include Bodily injury liability coverage, Medical payments, no-fault or personal injury coverage, Uninsured motorist coverage, Property damage liability coverage, Collision coverage, etc.
  • Motorcycle insurance – This insurance coverage applies mainly for your bike. Some of the coverage included in it are: Bodily injury liability coverage, Accessories coverage, Collision coverage, Comprehensive physical damage coverage, etc.
  • ATV Insurance: ATVs have a high theft rate. So, it will be good if you could go for such a insurance coverage. GEICO offers Collision coverage, Property damage liability coverage, Medical payments coverage, etc. under its ATV insurance policy.
  • Umbrella Insurance: It is an extra liability insurance which will protect you against major lawsuits and claims.

Apart from this, GEICO also offers commercial auto insurance, flood insurance, Homeowners insurance. Snowmobile insurance, mobile home insurance, etc.

Support & Help

After an accident, it is very important that your claims get processed and repairs completed in a timely and efficient manner.  GEICO’s customer care department offers the policyholders a variety of methods for reporting and tracking claims. You can report and track your claims online which will save you a lot of time.  The policy holders will also be able to speak to a claims adjuster or agent directly. This is one of the services which has helped them in retaining their clients and has resulted in the policyholder satisfaction.


GEICO is one of the companies which offers the customers upfront savings on auto insurance policies. GEICO offers different types of discount to the policy holders as well as the new clients. Some of the types of discounts enjoyed by the policy holders include: good driver discounts, good student discounts, automatic payment discounts, and discounts for multiple-policy holders, etc. Apart from this, the company also allows discounts for cars with advanced safety and security features which include anti-lock brakes, air bags, anti-theft systems and daytime running lights, etc. These are the reasons why GEICO came up as a premiere car insurance company.

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#3 Geico, 8.8 out of 10 based on 37 ratings

3 Responses to “#3 Geico”

  1. Tammy Weiss says:

    No hassles! That is how I describe Geico. They are incredibly helpful, patient and diligent in everything they do. My husband got into an accident and there was not much that we had to do except provide them with some information.
    They took care of the rest. We were so happy that we didnt have to spend weeks or even months going back and forth before anything got done.

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  2. Maria Lopez says:

    Hey, if you are looking for a car insurance company, you have to use geico. After my accident, they were able to really help me out and did not act like I was some sort of criminal. Everything worked out just the way I wanted it.

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  3. Trisha Torres says:

    I got into an accident within the first week of owning my new car. I was so upset about it. I was at a red light when the man behind me plowed right into my trunk. I was fine, but my car was another story. He completely accepted responsibility for the accident (as he should have) and we had our insurance companies deal with paying for the repairs I needed and the trip to the doctor that was required to have my neck and back looked at. Thank goodness I use geico for my car insurance because they were able to act quickly getting my claim taken care of.

    However, the other guys insurance company was like pulling teeth to get them to do anything. Unfortunately, this delayed my car getting fixed and I got really annoyed. How thankful was I that I use geico for my car insurance rather than what this guy had.

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