Why You Need Car Insurance

  • Driving is a Privilege; Not a Right
  • Car Accidents are VERY common
  • Its for YOUR Protection
  • Legally Required in Most States

#4 Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Reviews

  • 12-Month Protection
  • Full Liberty Care Facilities
  • Multiple-Policy Savings
  • Fast claims tracking
  • Effective customer support

Service Review

The customer perception regarding Liberty Mutual car insurance is usually quite common. It is natural for policyholders to enjoy a lower car insurance premium rate when they have not come across any untoward incident involving their car or a road mishap; likewise policyholders that have experienced minor fender benders would also appreciate their efforts. Liberty Mutual is certainly a leader when it comes to attributes and features of their policies. They are known to offer quality services in terms of minor repair works stretching from major windshield damage to a minor one that is taken care of under the Total Liberty Care Facilities program. Numerous car insurance providers have a reason to imitate the various policy offerings and features provided by Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual also seems quite effective in terms of claims reporting, claims tracking and customer support services.

Response & Repair

Liberty Mutual offers great opportunities for all its policyholders regardless of their background e.g. proving them with a rental car in the event of an accident (incase rental car cost are to be borne as per the policy clauses). At times, the company needs to handle a lot of challenges in terms of replacement and repairs of vehicles body parts. The amount of coverage or the quality of repairs might vary according to the residential area or locality of the policy owner. Expedited services concerning replacement and repair of auto body parts are confined to policyholders that reside in areas possessing affiliation from Total Liberty Care Facilities. Policyholders residing in these areas don’t have to bear any expenses upfront for auto repairs and towing services performed at facilities that are approved by Liberty Mutual.

Benefits and Policy Flexibility

Liberty Mutual provides its policyholders with a large variety of policy offerings and attributes. Such attributes might comprise of simple liability-only windshield repair to all-cost-inclusive windshield repair that is billed directly to Liberty Mutual. Your premium fluctuation might also be leveled under 12-month agreement with Liberty Mutual. Policyholders that opt for multiple-policy offers may have the opportunity of combining life, home and other policies to enjoy simpler services and easier payments.


Liberty Mutual has a great demand in the market for the timeliness of its settlement and customer services. You don’t need to hang on to a customer service representative for long, as they are very friendly and proactive. In comparison, you might experience long queues and navigation resembling a “phone-tree” with its competitors. Your claim may be reported over the internet or by using a telephone 24×7. With a majority of insurers it might seem a bit challenging or you to expedite the settlement process personally, but with Liberty Mutual you can manage and track your claims over the internet.

Support & Help

All the auto insurance policyholders registered under Liberty Mutual are likely to experience quality discounts and benefits. They are also known to provide discounted rates for safe drivers and multiple-policy owners. Liberty Mutual is coming up with quality offers aimed at affiliated business houses, military personnel and good students.


Liberty Mutual ensures auto insurance protection of high standard. For a majority of motorists it is a privilege to have auto insurance protection of such standards. They don’t need to wait for long interactions over the telephone and can also avoid adjustment and mediation process that are time-consuming and complicated. It becomes easier for them to get their car repairs approved. Liberty Mutual offers great opportunities for policyholders that require coverage for fire, life and home apart from auto insurance overage. The auto insurance features provided by this company are at par with other insurance providers like eSurance, Progressive and GEICO.

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#4 Liberty Mutual, 7.9 out of 10 based on 28 ratings

2 Responses to “#4 Liberty Mutual”

  1. Thomas Hernendez says:

    This company is really great. That says a lot when you are talking about car insurance companies since many try to rip you off or give you a hard time for every little thing. Liberty mutual does not do any such thing, which is a nice change of pace.
    I think I am going to be very pleased with my decision to choose them after shopping around for car insurance.

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  2. Fernandez H says:

    As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I chose my car insurance company from a popular television commercial that always made me laugh. It may sound silly, but Liberty Mutual was pretty creative in letting people know what their company had to offer. So when I needed to change my current policy and wanted to use a different company, I chose them.

    Well, the company is just as good as the ads make them out to be. Their customer service is top rate, their policies are reasonably priced and their emergency responsiveness went beyond my expectations when I recently got into a small accident.

    When they say they care about their customers more than the money, I see that is really true. This is one case where a commercial really does tell the real story rather than sucker you in to something that is not worth your time or your money. Liberty mutual is well worth all of that.

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