Why You Need Car Insurance

  • Driving is a Privilege; Not a Right
  • Car Accidents are VERY common
  • Its for YOUR Protection
  • Legally Required in Most States

#8 Nationwide

Nationwide Reviews

  • iPhone application for free
  • Car life repairs worth 100%
  • Innovative products
  • Quick Claims Services
  • Lower premium costs

Service Review

Nationwide auto insurance was initially designed for ranchers and farmers like their competitors, State Farm and Farmers. The Nationwide risk pool was thus restricted to ranchers and farmers show that their policyholders could save more in terms of premium cost which was often inflated as the urban motorists drove in riskier conditions. Nationwide had a few good years of business. Several insurance protection products have been included as the company expanded the volume of its auto insurance business. These days nationwide auto insurance covers numerous drivers all over the U.S.

Response & Repair

Accident may occur all of a sudden; some times the nature of accident may vary from a serious vehicle damage and bodily injury that demands legal prosecution and hospital stays to a minor fender bender involving a few information exchanges. Nationwide being your insurer helps you in transporting your vehicle from the road to the body shop and then back to the road again. The primary objective here is to make things a lot simpler and cater to the needs of your busy work schedule and lifestyle.

Benefits and Policy Flexibility

Alongside balancing the individual needs, Nationwide has successfully balanced the collective needs. Nationwide offers truly flexible policy options for drivers that need to maintain extra auto insurance coverage as per their state laws. The car insurance policies are customize by Nationwide to meet the specific needs of policyholders, offer a cheaper price and provide the right amount of coverage. A lot of their customers are now enjoying the option to simplify the process of managing policies by including other policies with their auto insurance policy. You may now have the benefit of life insurance and home insurance along with your auto insurance policy.


Nationwide sets high eligibility criteria for its benefits and discounts just like its competitors. Premium discounts are being offered by Nationwide for long term policy owners, drivers that have pursued a safe-driving course, and car owners that have installed anti-theft and car safety devices within their vehicles. Nationwide remembers its origin; it provides discounts for members of Farm Bureau across various states, members of certain organizations and their employees.

Support & Help

Nationwide serves all the modern-day requirements and keeps on upgrading its services. Of late, Nationwide offers online services in terms of registering functions, maintenance, policy applications and information. Maintaining car insurance policies have become a lot simpler as the customers can access their policy information involving products and new features very easily. At times, a policyholder needs to contact his agent for advocating, claims assistance, and to seek explanation of policy features. You can do this with Nationwide, since they have offices scattered all over the nation.


Nationwide auto insurance has shown us the way to remain both traditional and innovative at once. It proves that in order to expand your business you don’t need to be impersonal. A few competitors of Nationwide have quality programs and features to develop their identities in the market e.g. eSurance, Progressive and Geico. Nationwide on the other hand, have combined a few chosen elements out of their products and designed specific auto insurance products driven by the busy work schedule, requirements and life-style of policyholders.

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#8 Nationwide, 6.0 out of 10 based on 23 ratings

2 Responses to “#8 Nationwide”

  1. Tanya Phillips says:

    When my parents bought me my new car, they paid for it, but then quickly explained that I would be responsible for buying the insurance. With so many to choose from, I did not even know where to start. One day while watching television, I saw a commercial for Nationwide insurance company. I had actually seen it dozens of times, but I guess I paid more attention to the ad since I now actually needed car insurance.

    I called them up and they sent me a few policies that they thought might interest me. What I appreciated the most was their flexible payment options. I only work part-time since I am still in college so I am not able to afford a whole lot at this point. I wanted basic insurance for my car which they had and it was reasonably priced. I also loved the fact that you can do anything over the computer and never have to speak to anyone.

    Since I practically live on my computer for school, this is most convenient for me. My mom and dad are super happy with the policy too and are even thinking of switching to nationwide after seeing how much cheaper and efficient they are from what they currently have.

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  2. Carl Modl says:

    The last time I switched car insurance companies, I got royally screwed so I was a bit nervous when I bought a policy with Nationwide. Thank God the curse is broken. These guys know what they are doing.

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