Why You Need Car Insurance

  • Driving is a Privilege; Not a Right
  • Car Accidents are VERY common
  • Its for YOUR Protection
  • Legally Required in Most States

#10 USAA

USAA Reviews

  • Business operations aiming high savings
  • Benefits and discounts for policy owners
  • Proactive customer support
  • Quick claims settlement
  • Guaranteed repairs

Service Review

The United Services Automobile Association commenced its insurance operations keeping in mind government employees e.g. officer in the U.S. Army who were not able to enjoy auto insurance protection because of their “high-risk” profile. During the following years USAA had walked an extra mile to cover military personnel including non-officers, reservists, FBI and other agencies linked with the government with extra insurance policies and products. They are no longer a mere self-insured group of officers in the U.S. Army.

Response & Repair

The USAA provides support to drivers through their USAA Roadside Assist program once these drivers opt for auto insurance coverage with them. They offer jump starts, refuels, tows and other initial vehicle first aid via a partnership with the Cross Country Motor Club. Repairs that are mentioned in the policies are also covered.

USAA lends support for 24/7 through internet tracking and telephone to ensure a fast and secure claims process for its customers. It has always been credited with high marks in this regard. They are here to schedule vehicle repairs as soon as possible, and also offer an estimation of follow-up damage with each towing order.

Benefits and Policy Flexibility

Besides providing high-end coverage like Collision and Comprehensive insurance policies, USAA also provides other coverage options like liability-only policies. Drivers that fulfilled the criteria between such end points have the privilege of choosing numerous additional insurance benefits besides medical payments, glass replacement and rental reimbursement. USAA also supports them with different other kinds of insurance protections. When it comes to coverage premium payment flexibility, USAA stands out.


USAA runs parallel to open-enrollment and non-proactive insurers like eSurance, Progressive and GEICO in terms of discounts and benefits. Discounts are offered to people whose driving records remain clean. If you have not met with any accident during the past five years, you’ll also be entitled to receive such discounts. You may achieve additional discounts when you opt for multiple-line policies and policies that involve more then one vehicle. Discount benefits are also offered to drivers that installed safety equipments and anti-theft devices within their cars, or possess new cars. USAA has very few competitors that support policyholders with discounts and benefits on travel packages.

Support & Help

A quick repairs and claims process in addition to proactive customer service have earned a gilded reputation for USAA, and they truly deserve it. A poor customer service, cut corners and low-ball estimations won’t help their shareholders as USAA is not any publicly-traded organization. Due to this, the auto insurance policy owners registered with USAA are provided with guaranteed repairs, quick claims approval and adjustment, proactive customer service and courteous approach from agents.


Amongst the various U.S. based auto insurance agencies, USAA stands out. In comparison to USAA its competitors don’t offer so many services, benefits and discounts to its members. In order to be a member of USAA one needs to inherit membership status from parents or acquire membership of government organizations like FBI, Foreign Service and the U.S. Armed Forces. There are chances that the eligibility of these policies may get flexible in the coming years, but the competitors of USAA (e.g. eSurance, Progressive and GEICO) may take important notes in their own interest.

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#10 USAA, 5.4 out of 10 based on 24 ratings

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  1. Florez Palmer says:

    Dont even think about using a different company for your car insurance. This one has everything you need and then somegreat prices on policies, super friendly customer service and efficiency.

    Definitely things you want your insurance company to have to avoid being taken advantage of or taken to the cleaners.

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